Shipping Container Maintenance – Don’t Weld It, Patch It – A Quick Patch Hardens in Sunlight

I have sold shipping and delivery containers for a number of years and I sell them because I love them. I like the recycling aspect, I like the subsidised cost of these – subsidised as a result of huge number of containers required in the delivery industry. And I love the modern form of the symmetrical cube, a container house can be a thing of beauty but…

There are several serious issues to overcome if you are going to work with a seacan for any of many practical employs. Yes a container provides instantaneous low cost storage. A shipping container can be easily modified as an office, workshop or cabin. Taken up to their limits they’re used as exhibition centres, resorts not to mention homes. As long as they are primed, painted, sealed and elevated you can restrain the rust. But that is clearly a lot of effort if you purchased a rusty old seacan and need some simple and easy non-insulated storage. Usually vehicle, supplies or equipment storage.

So back many years ago you either painted it or obtained a welder atlanta divorce attorneys season or two. ลวดเชื่อมเงิน Now there are very simple fibreglass pliable reinforced polyester patches that harden in uv lightweight and are ready to sand, tap, drill or paint within an hour. Yes that is just sunlight! The patches will even bond to rusty areas, patches happen to be waterproof and resistant to serious temperatures, extreme heat and frosty.

If your dealing with UV Quick patches inside, UV light may be a concern but UV flashlights are available for around $20 obtainable in hardware shops. Although for shipping container maintenance you’re probably working on the outside of the seacan anyway.

Determining a leak in a container can be if you ask me as simple as going in the container in the lightweight of working day, closing the doors and searching for light. After a hole is identified, discover it externally of the can and take away the pliable patch from the silver foil and employ over the hole. It is possible to minimize and mould the patch to shape. Bond the patch to the steel with pressure. Keep applying strain over the entire section of the patch for one minute or 2 as well as your done. I use my thumbs to press down on the patch. Implementing the patch is best done on a nice and clean dry area so have a cloth with you. A cable brush if you’ve got some surface rust or perhaps a grinder with a cable brush attachment for more serious rust issues.

The patch will be rock solid in half an hour on a cloudy day. 15 minutes on a sunshiney day. You have about three minutes to put your patch from opening the foil package. After an hour you can sand and color the patch. Or drill a hole and hang a shelf. It really is a solid bond.

I have now repaired a dozen or so shipping containers using this method over the last 6 months and today the rain and snow include arrived my container inspections include proven that product really does work very well.

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