Martin Lloyd Sanders Discusses The Experience Of Joining The Medical Side Of The Military

When hearing about the military, most people only think about the brave men and women on the borders. While the armed forces are definitely the most crucial part of the military, there are many other roles involved in this domain that must not be overlooked under any scenario. Martin Lloyd Sanders especially stresses on the medical side of the military, and points out that doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals working for the military are extremely valuable and deliver highly crucial services.

There are numerous people who desire to join the military and serve their country from a very young age. Martin Lloyd Sanders mentions that for the people who have an interest in medical science, becoming a military doctor would be the perfect way to pursue their passion and serve their country. While much like most of the military roles, becoming a military doctor does require a level of personal sacrifice, the overall experience of engaging in this field is quite incredible. The job role of a military doctor would be different in many ways than the physicians working in a clinical or hospital setting. Among other things, military doctors are required to work in a more dynamic setting, such as international medical centers, medical camps at a disaster site, hospital ships and so on.

Martin Lloyd Sanders describes some of the key elements of the experience of joining the medical side of the military in the following pointers:

  • One of the most distinctive highlights of being a military doctor is the type of people treated by them. These medical professionals get the chance to provide care to some of the bravest men and women in the world, and help them to carry out their crucial duties efficiently. Good health is important for all military personnel, and such doctors’ work towards ensuring its maintenance. Usually, the advice people on maintaining a healthy weight, carry out their drug screenings, and keep an eye out for viral illnesses.
  • The military is known for the comradeship among its members, and this is true for the people working on its medical side as well. All military personnel, ranging from commanders and soldiers to doctors work together to do the best for their country. Each and every person in the military is aware of the fact that they are together in their journey, and hence strive to always have each other’s back. This level of camaraderie is hardly seen in a residency or even community hospitals.

Around 65% of the military doctors tend to be reserve officers. This simply implies to the fact that they serve on a part time basis when not on active duty. The rest of the military doctors however have a full-time career in this domain. Almost all medical specialties are represented in the military, especially the common ones like cardiology and orthopedics.