Fred Glynn Discusses How Good Business and Political Skills Overlap

Business and politics are both crucial aspects of the society, and to progress in each of these fields, one needs a definite skill set and talent. Fred Glynn additionally mentions that there is a wide range of skills that are needed both by politicians and businessmen. Fred is a councilman at the Hamilton County Council. He also is a leader in business, finance, and community service. This makes him a great candidate to talk both about politics and business. He has spent more than fifteen years in the world of business, and was largely associated in selling and managing businesses that were involved in the banking, insurance, and mortgage industries.

Exploring opportunities, making connections are optimally utilizing resources available is equally important for businessmen, as it is for politicians. Fred Glynn especially points out that politically skilled individuals have a better capacity to foster supportive and trusting environments that benefit organizations, and end up being more transformational leaders. Interpersonal influence, apparent sincerity, social astuteness and networking ability are four of the prime political skills, and most successful business leaders excel in all of them.

Developing political skills largely involved meaning to learn how to be a good leader. Being a leader conveys the fact the person can be trusted. A workplace leader would have the confidence to effectively delegate responsibilities, inspire workers to collaborate to progress towards a common goal, along with a good work ethic. Politicians are also required to carry out a number of similar duties, especially in regards to making sure that all the members of their party or team work towards to common objective.

Not everyone has natural political skills, and becoming a leader is not easy for all people. However, Fred Glynn mentions that with consistent practice and care, almost anyone can hone these skills and try to become a competent leader both in business and politics. To start off, one must try to practice mindfulness.  They should think about what they plan to say in any kind of work situation. It is common knowledge that impulse control is vital to success in politics. Conversely, business managers are more likely to be effective when they do not blurt out every thought that crosses their minds. People in both these positions have to learn how to be optimally tactful.

Good communication is another important skill for both business leaders and politicians. A good leader should always be comfortable in being assertive when it comes to communicating not just with juniors, but also with superiors and colleagues. They should additionally demonstrate interpersonal influence by building strong relationships with their colleagues or political party.  These individuals also must have capable social skills. Unsocial or awkward is not something business leaders and politicians are characterized by. They in fact are considered to be some of the most charismatic individuals in society who know exactly how to impress other people.