Basements: Transform Your Basement Into a Party Room

Basements, like garages, are often used solely to store items we don’t know what to do with. Unfortunately, this can lead to unruly clutter and unusable space. However, given how wide open basements usually are, they are a prime space for parties-or at least to add extra room for a house party. Since harsh weather makes it difficult to have outdoor parties, here are a few ways you can take a gloomy basement and make it festive.

If your basement clutter is out of control, you’ll need to clean it all out and organize it. Contact a professional organizing company and take control of the mess. This is probably the most time consuming step, but it’s worth it. You can’t have a party in a basement that you are embarrassed to show people. Usually, this includes going through every single thing in your basement, organizing it, and tossing or donating what you don’t need. Then, you’ll need to do a deep cleaning. Scrub everything, and consider getting your flooring done. This is also a good time to have your home checked for harmful mold. When it is all organized, keep on top of the cleaning. A weekly 20-minute cleaning which includes straightening, dusting, sweeping or vacuuming and wiping down anything that needs it will keep any mess down, so your basement will always be party-ready.

Comfortable furniture is important if you plan on having people over. Overstuffed couches and chairs with plenty of throw pillows and blankets will automatically make guests feel comfortable and at home. Make or buy curtains for windows. It’s true that basement windows are usually very small, but bare windows are a little depressing. If you don’t have carpeting, lay down a couple of rugs. Adding some decoration will also lend an air of homeyness to the basement. Hang paintings, set down knick-knacks–whatever suits your tastes. Also, make sure to have plenty of table space. Whether you plan on having the party 觀塘 bbq confined to the basement, or simply allowing guests to wander down there as they please, the basement is a wonderful place to have the food laid out. Having a particular place for the food buffet or the chips and vegetable trays prevents the other rooms from getting overcrowded.

You’ll also want to have some items in your basement to keep guests entertained. Games, for example, with a table and chairs to play at, a television set and video game consoles are also a good idea for more low key parties. A stereo set with an adequate amount of music is a great feature for any party. You can also consider having a bar installed. If children are often at your parties, you’ll want to take them into consideration as well. Children’s games and toys in easy reach will keep kids occupied, enabling adults to socialize and have fun. In fact, the garage is a great location for the “kids room,” where kids can have their own party as adults socialize upstairs.